Cult-HeEd is an educational, training and research center with multidimensional services covering areas of research, education and training in cultural heritage. The center’s educational activities and the results of its scientific research are promoted not only to the academic community, but also to the wider public to improve popular education, self-understanding and raise awareness of the values of cultural Heritage and the importance of its conservation and management.   

Our mission is to develop and improve training and cultural education to keep pace with modern global changes in the field of heritage education; achieve integration in the performance of educational institutions; spread community awareness; support and stimulate scientific research in the field of cultural heritage and create a generation of qualified specialists.

Cult-HeEd overall aim is to Contribute to achieving sustainable development, improving education, training, and scientific research and raising the efficiency of specialists in the field of cultural heritage. The center also seeks to develop the level of performance of workers in educational, cultural and heritage institutions, to improve work methods and procedures, to rationalize costs and to increase and diversify resources.